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Body Jewelry wearable art fashion mn anatomical brain science style
Polyvagal Body Jewelry (sold)
Hand-carved block print, upcycled linen & brass hardware, ribbon, thread (Sold, DM to place a new custom order)
Size 2-4

The Polyvagal theory (gr. 'polus', “‘many’” + 'vagal', "'vagus nerve'") specifies two functionally distinct branches of the vagus, or tenth cranial nerve. It serves to identify the relationship between visceral experiences and the vagus nerve's parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. Polyvagal theory has many implications for the study of stress, emotion, and social behavior, which has traditionally utilized more peripheral indices of arousal, such as heart rate and cortisol level. The measurement of vagal tone in humans has become a novel index of stress vulnerability and reactivity in many studies of populations.
It's no coincidence this imagery resembles roots... I want the wearer of this piece to feel rooted and grounded in their understanding of themselves; what drives them, triggers them and brings them joy and curiosity and use that awareness to feel empowered to follow their 'gut', quite literally according to polyvagal theory, into those spaces that feel safe and fulfilling.