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Shadow Tailor
Shadow Tailor
Acrylic, paper, & upcycled cotton on canvas
30 x 72"

Shadow Tailor:
... she grows up mending, learning to tailor out of necessity.

The Earth is too restrictive and tight, so this young hero leaves and makes herself a new home base on the shadow side of the Moon. She upcycles parts and gathers fiber from the satellite sails for a special space suit designed to protect her in the new depth she will travel to next. Her handmade gear takes industry and a few tries, test runs and inevitably some evidence of those prototypes get left behind on the surface. The pattern making process is still peeking through; sleeves, waistbands and pant legs can be detected in the star dust.

Shadow Tailor has gone, but residue of her brave trials and footprints are embedded in the surface craters, left there to be found and followed.